That Villa.


How it started

Always driven by food that is not only visually stunning, but also satisfies their own wants and cravings, Coco Bliss Founders Candice Kemp & Mellita Rayner have created another specialty bowl concept. Get ready to escape to Bali with Villa’s entire menu of Abundance Bowls (also known as Buddha Bowls).

Bowls of Abundance

The bowls are all about fuelling your body with macronutrient needs in one tasty bowl. In simple terms, a serve of protein, several serves of colourful vegetables, a dose of healthy fats, a complex carb and a flavour bomb of taste! Villa's bowls epitomises everything Balinese, from decor to plate and function as a grab and go menu that has been carefully curated to ensure maximum flavour and nutrients at a competitive price point.

Insta-Worthy Nourishment

Co-Founder, Candice Kemp, said the inspiration to open up a dedicated Buddha Bowl came about on their recent trip to Bali with their team, and she just knew it was what the next step was for their business.

“We love all things health and wellness and of course, Bali is one of our favourite places. We were hooked on Buddha Bowls after our recent trip and knew it was just the thing Brisbane needed next - there was nothing like it on the market,” said Kemp. “It was time for Coco Bliss to have a savoury little sister, and we wanted to keep it as close to home as possible. Think bright colourful bowls that are bursting with flavour and totally Insta-worthy.”

Let the bowl addiction continue.